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Physics Internship | Optical Sensor

Within ASML Research we are investigating novel optical sensor concepts that could be introduced in future generation ASML products. The team you will be working in investigates sensors for improved wafer alignment. As wafer alignment is a crucial part of an ASML machine it is important to investigate each concept thoroughly.

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Working at ASML | Supplying the semiconductor industry

Do you have the ambition to work for one of the most prestigious suppliers of the semiconductor industry?

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Internship: Explore a new calibration method for the EUV projection optical system

The EUV scanner is state of the art technology, therefore there isa constant drive in the ASML factory in reducing cycle time for setting up the scanner. In this context, it needs to be investigated if the current version of the EUV projection optical system calibration sequence can be reduced further. You will be integrated in the projection optical performance team and have interactions with the sensor and metrology departments.

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Physics / Optics Graduation Internship: New Optical Sensor Concepts

ASML produces photolithography scanners performing with nanometer accuracy at a very high speed. This is achieved thanks to several elements: good design, very accurate sensors, and clever algorithms. We constantly seek improvements in all these elements to improve scanner performance. In being part of ASML, your task is to push this boundary of accuracy and speed beyond the current status by exploring new optical sensor designs.

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Internships at ASML

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